• imcat(贴心猫) Service statement --- [Top]
    • ● Free open source
        -> Imcat, A set of free, open source system that follows the MIT Protocol;
        -> The system itself is not encrypted, free modification, free use.
    • ● Your own template
        -> In the demo template, We just Demonstration the system function;
        -> The template in your case, We strongly recommend your DIY;
  • imcat(贴心猫) Individual service --- [Top]
    • ● Scope of services
        -> We provide free consultation and solution advice for the advanced user, include program customization / data conversion / interface development and so on.
        -> Welcome report bugs! we will trace the bug(s) until fixed or fix it at next upgrade;
        -> As time and energy are limited, That's all of the services for you! The following is `naked money relationship' ------ For life, For individua!
        -> Speaking of this, you can Donate directly...
    • ● Paid services
        -> Imcat Provide (Limited and Amateur) service for the Advanced user (Template, We strongly recommend your DIY);
        -> Program customization : We provide functional customization based on this system; (fully shows the powerful extended characteristic)
        -> Data conversion : Convert other system's Data into this system, like as the data based on MYSQL,MSSQL,ACCESS...
        -> Value-added service : Interface development, Setup environment, Software upgrade, Data transfer and so on...
        -> Notice:About the details, we can interviews, I usually do this on weekend or holidays (during the spare time)

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