• imcat(贴心猫) Need Help --- [Top]
    • ● I am simple
        -> The idea is simple: write the code, and share!
        -> So use the free code hosting, free hosting space......
        -> I am so happy and NOTHING worry about!
    • ● One day, free code hosting shows the limit of XXX is over! (But before, it's show my PIONT Can be used for decades FREELY!)
        -> So in a hurry, the code is transferred to another free code hosting site.
        -> So think about it, how long(for FREE) will it take?
        -> So to the internationalization, the next step will be put the code into the github.com hosting (It's slowly in China, but I think it more secure)
    • ● One day, free hosting space, showing these message: [Server unavailable]
        -> My God! so I change the demo website into baidu cloud......
        -> Because of the charges, let me miss about the before free space, although a bit slow, the PHP version is slightly lower......
        -> Because of the charges, My heart is dripping, here also thank for her free hosting providers before......
    • ● No longer simple
        -> 空间域名要收费,后续流量带宽需求高了云服务器要加价……
        -> 测试微信接口,需要认证的服务号,要企业申请,要认证费用……
        -> 测试各支付接口,有些要企业申请,要绑定银行账号……
        -> 东西一旦发布,我一向不善美工,又需要美工资助……
        -> …… …… ……
    • If you are Agree with the Imcat(贴心猫),
      and feel helpful to you, and if you are convenient,
      please help us, her sustainable development needs YOUR support and help!!!
        -> You Can: Provide translation help, see the details below;
        -> You Can: Donations, details of which are described below;
        -> You Can: Provide PHP+Mysql hostspace(Need PHP5.3+,Mysql5.0+)
        -> You Can: Provide WeChat service number (for test API);
        -> You Can: Provide template design, Logo design;
        -> You Can: To test the Imcat(贴心猫), feedback bugs, or join the development;

  • imcat(贴心猫) Translation Notes --- [Top]
    • ● File Frames
            │  ├─dbins DB-DATA Language packs
            │  ├─kvphp Core Script Language packs
            │  ├─ptinc TextBlock Language packs
            │  └─ucfgs Configs Language packs
    • ● Multi language packs
        -> Suffix Description: Chinese-cn; English-en; French-fr; Russian-ru; Spanish-es; German-de; Japanese-jp; Korean-kr; Arabic-ar;
        -> Chinese as the default language, English language pack also need to improve;
        -> Next Step, I wish I can find volunteers to translate French, Spanish and Russian language packs;
        -> Follow-up: Is German, Japanese language package; Korean, Arabic and MORE...
        -> Of course I wish: more and more volunteers to translate more other language package!
        -> Welcome to join HER(Imcat), thanks!
    • ● How to do:
        -> Example Add [French-fr]Language pack:
        -> Copy all the -cn files from /imcat/lang, and changed there suffix name to -fr, and translate them;
        -> You can use translation machine help you, but it must fixed/checked by youself;
        -> If some language, It can be converted from the existing language, you can be used some convert tools, such as the increase a traditional Chinese, It can be converted from simplified Chinese by tools;
    • ● Languages knowledge in WORLD
        -> United Nations working language: English, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish, Arabic
        -> By distribution and applied: English, Chinese, German, French, Russian, Spanish
        -> The most people use: Chinese, Spanish, English, Arabic
  • imcat(贴心猫) Contribution --- [Top]
    • ● Donation purpose
        -> For: Demo website domain name registration, server hosting space, bandwidth leasing and other basic costs
        -> For: Reward the development who outstanding contributors(Limited small award)
        -> First of all: I wish my-cat(Imcat) can feed herself!
        -> If one day, there are too many donations? To public donations, to ensure that the financial disclosure!
    • ● Donation way
        -> You can choose the following payment method to donate to us:
        -> Alipay ID: xpigeon@163.com
        -> TenPay ID: 154482721@qq.com
        -> Wechat Pay: Scan as below:

    • ● Contact and check
        -> E-mail: xpigeon@163.com
        -> QQ:80893510/154482721
        -> We will show the Contribution Reports as below:
        -> Special note: the above contact method does not accept any technical advice, only for contribution contact.
  • imcat(贴心猫) Donation List --- [Top]
    • ● 2018-01-dd [pswpower] Friendship support
    • ● 2017-06-22 [匿名] 2.38元 weixin-pay
    • ● 2016-11-04 小雨沙沙 Willing to provide Hongkong virtual space
    • ● 2016-04-15 rich贺 Become an Inner document Consultant
    • ● 2016-01-20 fish鱼 Donated 1 years domain cost
    • ● 2015-06-01 dg.gd.cn/dg165.com Provide free Host Space
    • ● 2014-mm-dd pswpower Friendship support
    • ● 2013-mm-dd Elifebike Friendship support

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